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It's a meteor shower...but instead of it being a great view in the sky, they are coming down and willing to kill you. Your player's faith is all up to you.To save him, you got to tap continuously on the screen to keep him moving right. Let go if you want him to slow down and go left. Your job is to dodge the meteors. The more meteors you dodge, the higher the points. Remember, you can't move off the screen, or you'll be set on fire!
And if you happen to do get smashed by a'll burst into flames...oh, and GAME OVER!
•Uses Google Play Game Services•Customization Enabled•Can share with your friends your score
Note:To save your high score to the Game Center, go to the home page and press that the "Trophy" button. If you are in the game, kill the process and start the app again. Then press the button.